Watergen to give Vietnamese capital taste of water from air

The Vietnamese capital of Hanoi will get its taste of water from the air, courtesy of Watergen, during an exposition this Saturday night (October 27, 2018) at the Ly Thai To city square. The exhibition, sponsored by the Israeli embassy and the Hanoi People’s committee is showcasing the contribution of Israeli agro and water technology to Vietnam. The water is produced by Watergen’s GEN-350, an atmospheric water generator that is easily transportable, can be installed anywhere and only needs electric infrastructure to operate. The machine has already gone through three successful pilots, each at a separate region of the country with distinct weather conditions.  SGS, an accredited inspection laboratory in Vietnam, has already carried out two tests of the GEN-350 and found the water to be of good and solid quality for drinking. The GEN-350 unit will stay in the city square for a month.