Watergen Is Where The Water Crisis Ends

Watergen’s cutting edge technology supplies clean drinking water to those who may never have had it, those who may temporarily need it and those who are living under the threat of losing their supply.

Resilient & Cost Efficient


A new way to supply and deliver water

Watergen will lead the way in smart city infrastructure, by facilitating decentralization of the municipal water supply and infrastructure, and provide a sustainable, resilient and renewable water resource that is reliable, safe and effective.


Watergen’s ability to deliver cost effective and commercially available solutions that generate fresh pure water directly from the atmosphere, at prices that are up to 10 times cheaper than local filtered well water (at developing world prices), is a true game changer for tens of millions of people.

Watergen’s technology facilitates the generation of clean, safe, drinking water at 250Wh/L which is correlated to 4 liters per 1 Kw, or under ~2₵ per liter. For the first time, making water from air is a true economic reality, generated 24/7/365, and commercially available for everyone.


Continuously generating water from air preserves rather than depletes local water sources

Reduces number and frequency of water deliveries, which decreases traffic congestion and carbon dioxide emissions.

Increased protection of the environment with lower plastic water bottle usage and reduced health impacts from microplastics

Reduction of plastic water bottle usage that is causing a severe depletion of water resources and increasing pollution and waste in the environment.

Ability to safely and easily store water in reusable, biodegradable water containers or reservoirs for use in emergency situations

Watergen Solves Global Issues

Solution for Cities

In cities or areas where the municipal water system is either not safe for drinking or the water quality is inconsistent, Watergen’s Large Scale solution offers decentralization of the city’s water infrastructure, creating independent citywide renewable water reservoirs.

Installing Large Scale units on roof-tops of commercial or residential buildings creates safe and renewable local drinking water reservoirs, that deliver fresh drinking water directly to a family’s kitchen sink, while using municipal water for all other uses.

Many of the major global cities that struggle with drinking water availability and quality, are located in areas which have optimal climate conditions to sustain water availability via the air, using Watergen’s technology.

Solution for Hospitals

Water and air quality in medical settings are becoming essential ingredients in patient health, care and medical procedures.

Watergen’s air filtration technology eliminates fear of MRSA and legionella.

The decentralization of water supply and distribution directly integrated into a hospital system provides a safer environment from airborne illnesses as well as a more dependable and high quality water source.

Solution for Irrigation

Water Gen’s Large Scale AWGs provides a continuously generating water source for drip irrigation which does not deplete our reservoirs, aquifers, rivers, and streams, and bypasses any contamination that is in the ground.

Water Gen’s atmospheric water generation technology can eliminate the fear of droughts for farmers around the world for years to come.