Our differentiations

Watergen's technology represents a quantum leap forward in terms of cost, efficiency and reliability

The ability to supply drinking water solutions that are both commercially available and affordable generates a significant economic impact in the water industry. Other commercially available AWGs use conventional air-conditioning technology to generate water at tested efficiency rates of 650-850Wh per liter.

Watergen’s technology facilitates the generation of clean, safe, drinking water at 250Wh/L which is correlated to 4 liters per 1 Kw, or under ~2₵ per liter. For the first time, making water from air is a true economic reality, generated 24/7/365, and commercially available for everyone.

Generating water at the tested efficiency record of 250Wh per liter is a quantum leap in water economics.  Delivering 3 times more water per KWh then any existing product creates a renewable solution that costs less than local purified packaged well water.

Water-Gen GENNY All commercially available AWGs


Award winning GENiusTM technology includes a unique plastic heat exchanger that is the world’s most energy-efficient cost-size-ratio technology Conventional air-conditioning, dehumidifier technology

Ennergy Efficiency


Proven EF=3.3 liter per 1 Kw
Proven price per liter = >2₵*


220 Wh/L
Proven EF=4.5 liter per 1 Kw
Proven price per liter = ~1.5₵*


650-850 Wh/L
EF=1.5-1.2 liter per 1 Kw
Price per liter = 5-6₵*


500-700 Wh/L
EF=1.5-2 liter per 1 Kw
Price per liter = 4-5₵*

Quality Test

Watergen’s products were tested and accredited by international laboratories No accreditation for energy efficiency and water production information has been published

No laboratory test reports are available

Air Purification

Unique and robust air filtration methodology, designed to operate at high air pollution conditions, venting back into the room ultra clean air

2-in-1 product

Standard air conditioning air filter, not adapted to heavy air pollution, exhausting  polluted air back into the room

Water Quality

The combination of aggressive air filtration and unique GENius structure, facilitates the generation of virtually pure H2O


Unique and proprietary Ozone treatment procedure, developed by Wateren, keeps water fresh for a long time

Standard air conditioning filtration results in low water purity with insufficient water quality


Insufficient water treatment creates a rapid decline in water quality within days. In many cases, to over come water quality issues, RO filtration is incorporated, losing valuable water in the process


Fast and easy, user level filter replacement
of 3 elements, once a year ~$50 per year
Replacement of up to 8 different elements (UV lights / RO membrane / filters), twice a year

Up to $400 US per year

* Calculation is made in accordance average electricity price of 8₵ USD per 1 Kw