Automotive AWG

Watergen Unveils Automotive AWG

Watergen is the first company to integrate an atmospheric water generator in a vehicle, providing the driver and passengers with clean drinking water.

This new and innovative concept will eliminate the need to bring bottled water with you, offering a cold drink of water easily accessible from the front seat.

Watergen’s in-vehicle filtration and dispensing system ensures that clean and fresh water is available to you on the go, while cutting down on our carbon footprint.

Watergen’s newly announced automotive division will change the auto industry forever with their atmospheric water generating technology!

How it Works

Using its patented GENius™ technology used in our atmospheric water generators, Watergen will soon be providing the cleanest drinking water right inside the vehicle, through a 4-phase process:

  • Air Intake: Air from outside the car is drawn into Watergen’s atmospheric water generator, where it is thoroughly cleaned, removing any dust, dirt, and other pollutants leaving only pure air in the system.
  • Water Generation: The clean air is then directed through the GENius™ heat exchange and cooling process, bringing it to the temperature at which condensation occurs, creating water.
  • Purification: The water is channeled through a multi-stage filtering system removing impurities and adding minerals giving the water a fresh and healthy taste.
  • Fresh Storage and Dispense: When the water reaches its premium state, it’s stored in a built-in reservoir where it is kept fresh through continuous circulation. The water is dispensed directly from a built-in dispenser in the front console.

Caring for Our Environment Across the Globe

As the leader in atmospheric water generation, Watergen is currently providing practical applications in disaster relief, humanitarian aid, commercial and personal use in 4 continents.

Automobile manufacturers implementing our technology is within arm’s reach. In eliminating millions of plastic bottles and waste helping reduce our carbon footprint, automobile companies can add atmospheric water generation to their eco-friendly efforts.