Water from Air Water Cooler

GENNY is a water from air generator that provides a renewable source of clean and fresh drinking water for homes and offices. It is a plug and drink solution that requires only electricity to operate.

Ideal for homes and offices, GENNY provides a secure and reliable water source, eliminating daily dependency on bottled water and on the quality or availability of municipal water.

GENNY’s unique air filtration process is designed to operate even in poor environments with high air pollution and circulates clean dry air back into the room. The state-of-the-art, multi-stage ozone based water purification ensures that GENNY delivers optimal quality pure drinking water.

Generating up to 8 gallons (30L) of clean fresh water every day, averaging 8 cents per gallon, GENNY is more cost effective than bottled water and the costs incurred for its delivery.




  • Eliminates lugging, storing, or waiting for delivery of 5-gallon water bottles
  • Eliminates the need to refill/replace empty bottles


  • Complies with World Health Organization (WHO) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards
  • Provides а sесuге and reliable water source, regardless of the quality or availability of the municipal water system
  • No lead from aging or corroded water pipes
  • Not vulnerable to negative environmental influences


  • As part of the water generation process, GENNY purifies the room’s air, venting cleaner, fresher air back into the room
  • Ideal for cities with heavy air pollution
  • Dries the room like a dehumidifier. Drier air means lower A/C cost


  • Generates clean, safe and abundant water at ~$.02-.04/liter or 250Wh/L
  • Ideal for house-holds and offices that rely on bottled water



Water generation capacity: up to 7 gallons (27L) per day

Integrated water tank: 7 gallons (27L)

Adjustable hot and cold water:

Cold Water temperature: 54-68°F(12-20°C)
Hot water temperature: 185-194°F(85-90°C)

Flow rate: 1.5-2.0 Liters/minute

Water purification: UV treatment, Mineralization and Carbon filter

Dimensions: L 21” x  W 16” x H 52”

Easy installation: requires only electricity to operate

Power: 220Vac/50Hz / or 110Vac/60Hz

Power consumption:

Normal: ~0.5KW
During water boiling: ~1.8KW

Weight: 154lbs

Maintenance: filter replacement once a year