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As the global leader in the development and implementation of water-from-air solutions our cutting-edge and patented technology is a game changer that will improve quality of life and health as well as save lives. Watergen’s Atmospheric Water Generators produce safe, clean, and fresh-tasting drinking water which can supply those who may never have had it, those who may temporarily need it, and those who are living under the threat of losing their supply.



Watergen’s mission is to improve the quality of life of billions around the globe who suffer from poor water sanitation or accessibility to safe drinking water.


Watergen USA’s vision is to provide humanity with an abundant, renewable source of fresh, clean drinking water, by extracting it directly from the air, our most abundant water resource.

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Atmospheric water generators make water from air by extracting moisture from the atmosphere.

Water from AWGs creates a self-sustained water supply that bypass toxins found in tap water, and avoids microplastics which seep into store-bought water bottles, at a lower cost.

In emergency situations where water was unavailable or contaminated, Watergen provided fresh clean drinking water to those affected by Major Hurricanes Harvey (Port Arthur, TX), Irma (Miami, FL), and Michael (Mexico Beach/Panama City, FL). Watergen also aided Cape Town, South Africa, during their current drought.

Optimal conditions for atmospheric water generation are temperatures of 52F to 104F, with relative humidity of 30-100%

The Large Scale Unit consumes ~55kW with a maximum of ~100kW
The Gen-350 unit consumes ~5.6kW with a maximum of ~10kW
The Genny consumes ~250w with a maximum of ~1.9kW